Sun Temple Kushinagar – Gupt Kalin Surya Mandir

Sun Temple (Surya Mandir) at Kushinagar Turkpatti also famous as Gupt Kalin Suryaa Mandir gets you back to the Gupta period. Not only India but tourists from neighboring countries Nepal, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka come to see this statue made of sapphire metal. The Sun Festival held in November every year is the center of attraction for the people. It may be a very good option when making mind about the top tourist places to visit in Kushinagar.

History About this Gupt Kalin Suryaa Mandir

Vishwanath Sharma, a resident of Turkpatti Mahuava village, dreamed on the night of 30 July 1981 that there is a sun statue in the land next to the house. The next morning, he told this to KD Shahi and Mathura Shahi, who were the reputed person of the village.

Digging was started at the place mentioned in the dream. There was a sun statue in a quadrilateral form, riding on seven horses and various deities’ idols. When the news spread across the country, the Archaeological Survey of India team including the then historians Chandramouli Shukla, Shail Chaturvedi, PK Lahiri, and Mahavir Prasad Kandoi reached.

Historians described the statue as a Gupta period and precious. Moreover, the Archaeological Department of India claimed the entire area to be a center of high culture contemporary to Mahatma Buddha, citing historical importance.

Idol Stollen Tragedy

This precious statue was stolen in July 1998. There was a demand for the recovery of the idol in all the countries, including the devotees. Finally, after two years of hard work, the idol was recovered. Today a grand temple is built here, and devotees from different countries come here.

Khichadi Mela at Sun Temple (Surya Mandir), Turkapatti

Especially every Sunday, people do Surya worship on a large scale. But, the Khichdi fair here is the center of attraction. It gathers vast arrivals from each part of the district and the entire country. And, it may be an excellent spot to visit with family and friends when planning to visit the nearby Kushinagar temple.

How to Visit Sun Temple Kushinagar?

To visit Sun Temple in Kushinagar, you can hire a taxi from Gorakhpur. Also, you can make hire an auto or cab from Kushinagar. This temple is just at a distance of 28 kilometers from Kushinagar and 78 km from Gorakhpur.

Gupt Kalin Suryaa Mandir Timing:

You can visit here from sunrise to sunset. And no entry fee for a visit to this temple. 


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