Places to Visit in Gorakhpur

When looking for tourist places to visit in Gorakhpur, you will get a variety of points to see in East Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur as a historical city is the home town for the arrivals from Nepal and Bihar. It offers the beauty of nature, as well as a variety of religious spots with Gorakhnath Temples, which are making the major affection for arrivals. Gorakhpur serves as a key administrative and industrial landmark in Uttar Pradesh, attracting residents and visitors. In addition, a large number of shrines, including mosques and monasteries, have attracted pilgrims to Gorakhpur.

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Gorakhpur has its location at the bank of Rapti River and has a good connection with roads and railways. To visit this Gorakhnath City, you can categorize it in the following ways: –

Tourist Places to Visit in Gorakhpur

For tourist places to visit in Gorakhpur, there are a variety of spots where you can see with your family or friends. Starting from religious and historical destinations to pleasure places, you will find everything. Let’s see the top points to roam around the city: –

1. Religious Places in Gorakhpur

If you come to visit the religious places to see in Gorakhpur, you can explore lots of points. Let’s see some of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the city: –

I. Gorakhnath Temple

Gorakhnath Temple is a sacred spot in the city as well as the hub for tourists. Gorakhpur is named after Gorakhnath, a saint who traveled extensively throughout India and authored several writings of the Nath Sampradaya canon. The Gorakhnath Math belongs to the Nath monastic community and is a temple in the Nath tradition. Guru Matsyendranath created the Nath tradition. In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, this math is situated in a giant skyscraper.

In his honor, the Gorakhnath Mandir shrine was built on the spot. The Light and Sound Show, a midnight musical, is now the main attraction. The temple serves as the city’s cultural center, hosting a range of cultural and social activities.

II. Budhiya Mai Temple

When searching for places to visit in Gorakhpur, it would be one of the best points to see. Budhiya Mai Temple shows its dedication to Goddess Durga. The location of Budhia Mai Mandir is in Kushmi Jungle, among the deep forests. Gorakhpur railway station is roughly 8 kilometers away. The temple stood on the pond’s edge. The temple is named after the elderly lady who built it, Budhia Mai. The pond is situated between the old and new temples, making the area quite picturesque.

The idol of Goddess Durga is here in the Garbha Graha or sanctum santorum. She is clad in a brilliant red Churni with a Buddha Mai statue dressed in a white sari on her left. During Navaratri, a significant number of worshippers go to the temple, despite its small size. Food is prepared on-site and offered to the deity before being devoured as Prasad. The difference here is that instead of red Chunari, people offer white Chunari to the Goddess.

III. Vishnu Mandir

It is on Medical College road, near Asuran chowk. This temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, was built in the 12th century by the Pal Dynasty! The goddesses Jaganathpuri, Badrinath, Rameshwaram, and Dwarika, are honored in the temple’s four corners.

IV. Geeta Vatika

While the Geeta Vatika’s major draw for visitors is the religious. It is also a treat for those who want to learn about India’s ancient past and marvel at its architectural magnificence. It is best known for the Sri Radha Krishna temple in Gorakhpur, which is spread over 5.2 acres of land.

The temple is constructed in the Naagra style of North India, and since 1968, there have been continuous chants of Hare Ram and Hare Krishna throughout the day and night. In addition, a magnificent canopy, or mandap, has been explicitly erected to facilitate the prayers and chanting that have kept the Geeta Vatika alive in recent years.

The Geeta Vatika is located on Jail Road’s northern end, adjacent to Shahpur’s Asuran Chowk. You may quickly get there by taking the bus or hiring a cycle-rickshaw or an auto-rickshaw. Throughout the year, it is open every day.

V. Kali Mandir, Golghar

To visit Gorakhpur’s best places, Golghar Kali Mandir may be a major attraction while walking in Golghar near Dharamshala. In the morning and evening, pilgrimage arrives in the huge number to offer Pooja. Due to being located in the center of the city, it is the major charm for visitors from each corner of the city who believe in Goddess Kaali.

  • Durga Mandir, Asuran
  • Bada Imambara
  • Tarkulha Devi Temple
  • Lehra Devi Temple
  • Geeta Press

2. Zoo in Gorakhpur

During a lookup at the zoo in Gorakhpur, there are 2 tourist places to visit. Firstly, you can explore Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan Prani Udyan (Gorakhpur Zoo). And secondly, it is Vinod Van. Let’s see in detail: –

I. Gorakhpur Zoo (Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan Prani Udyan)

Gorakhpur Zoo is the major spot to explore in the city. It attracts thousands of visitors per day from each corner of Purvanchal as well as from all over India.

II. Vinod Van

Vinod Van has its location near Budhiya Mai temple. During the trip to Budhia Mai Temple, it would be easy to visit this spot. Here, you can see a variety of wildlife.

3. Lakes in Gorakhpur

If looking for Lakes in Gorakhpur, you will also find a list of places. Let’s read about some of them: –

4. Parks in Gorakhpur

  • Champa Devi Park
  • Vindhyavashini Park (V Park)
  • Ambedkar Park
  • Pant Park
  • Nehru Park
  • Reliance Park

5. Other Places to See in Gorakhpur

  • Taramandal Gorakhpur (Gorakhpur Planetarium)
  • Government Buddha Museum (Baudh Sangrahalaya)
  • Gorakhpur Railway Station
  • Raj Ghat

B. Marketing Places in Gorakhpur

  • Baldev Plaza, Golghar
  • Shahi Market
  • Mangalam Tower
  • Buxipur
  • Cinema Road
  • Reti Chauk
  • Cinema Road

C. Malls in Gorakhpur

  • City Mall, Park Road
  • Orion Mall, Mohaddipur
  • AD Mall, Vijay Chauk
  • Venus Mall, Golghar

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