Budhiya Mai Temple Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur Budhia Mai Mandir would be one of the top religious points when looking for tourist places to visit in Gorakhpur. The Goddess Durga is honored in Budhiya Mai Mandir. The temple is located in the Kushmi Jungle, among the thick woodlands. The railway station in Gorakhpur is about 8 kilometers away. On the pond’s edge, the temple stood. Budhia Mai, the elderly lady who built the temple, is named. The pond, between the old and new temples, adds to the area’s beauty.

The glory of this temple is such that devotees from not only the country but also from abroad come here to take the Darshan of the Budhiya Mai. There is a belief associated with the Budhiya Mata Temple that the devotee who comes here with a sincere heart and worships the mother, never goes to the cheek of untimely times. Budhia Mai always protects her devotees.

History of Budhiya Mata Temple

According to the beliefs, there was a very dense forest here in which a stream flowed. There was a wooden bridge over the drain. One day a Baraat (Marriage procession) came there and stopped on the east side of the drain. There was an old lady sitting in white clothes, she asked the dance troupe to dance. The dance troupe went away making fun of the old lady. But the Joker, playing the flute, turned around five times and showed the woman dancing. The old lady was pleased and warned the joker not to cross the bridge with you all in return. When the procession returned on the third day, the same old lady was present on the west side of the bridge.

When the Baraat came to the middle bridge, the bridge broke and the whole procession drowned in the drain. In the whole procession, only the joker was left who was not with the procession. After this, the old lady disappeared. The Joker, who avoided going to Kaal’s cheek, revealed this. Since then the place on both sides of the drain is known as Budhiya Mai. Budhiya Mai’s temple is built on both sides of the drain. The creek between these two temples is crossed by boat.

The Specialty of the Temple

Budhiya Mai Mandir is situated in the Kusamhi forest on the Kushinagar route. Everyone’s wishes are fulfilled in the court of the mother situated in the natural surroundings. Mother’s old form is unique. A large number of devotees from Nepal and Bihar also come here during Navratri. It may be the best spot during a Kushinagar tour from Gorakhpur.

The fame of Mother’s glory has spread far and wide. In Vasantik and Shardiya Navratri, lakhs of devotees reach the Mother’s darshan. Many kilometer-long queues of devotees take place to see the mother. A fair is held in the entire Navratri temple area. Along with this, many events including Mandan, marriage are held near the temple.

How to Reach Budhiya Mai Temple

When planning to visit Gorakhpur Budhia Mai Mandir, you can take an auto from the railway station. From Gorakhpur Airport, Budhiya Mai temple is just 1-2 kilometers away. Let’s look for routes to Budhiya Mai: –

Route 1: Gorakhpur Railway Station → AIIMS Hospital → Nanda Nagar → Budhiya Mai

Route 2: Dharamshala → University Chauk → Nanda Nagar → Budhiya Mai

Route 3: Gorakhpur Zoo → Paidaleganj → Mohaddipur → Nanda Nagar → Budhiya Mai

Time to Visit Budhiya Mai Mandir

Months to Visit: You can visit 12 Months of the Year.
Open Timing: Visiting time is morning Sunrise to Sunset in the evening.

Budhiya Mai Google Location

Some other Places to Explore Nearby Budhia Mai

There are nearby places to visit after Budhiya Mai Temple: –

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  9. Vinod Van
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  11. Taramandal
  12. Jio Park
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