Nauka Vihar Gorakhpur

Nauka Vihar (Boating Center) at Ramgarh Tal is situated in south-east Gorakhpur. For outings after the hustle-bustle of the city crowd, it may be one of the best places to enjoy in the evening or morning. It offers the natural and scenic views of Ramgarh Tal. You can spend an hour or two hours easily with gorgeous beauty nearby.

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Things to Do at Nauka Vihar Gorakhpur

Location will provide you the best moments to enjoy with your family or friends. There are sights for seeing, parks, restaurants, long road for driving, and various others. Let’s read about all that: –

1. Boating Center

The Boating Center may be one of the best attractions at Nauka Vihar. There is a rounded-tower-type place over the water from where you can take a boat for a ride. This Tower is also a good place for a selfie, resting in the morning or evening, or seeing the sunrise in the morning.

Boating Fee Charge: INR 60 – 120

Boating Time: Morning to Evening

2. Highest National Flag of Uttar Pradesh

There is a national flag with the owner of the highest national flag of Uttar Pradesh. You can take a selfie there and enjoy your time. As the tallest tricolor flag in Gorakhpur, it is the major reason to attract tourists here.

Nauka Vihar National Flag Height: 246 feet

Fee Charge: Free

3. Light and Sound Show

The light and sound show may be the best option in the evening at Nauka Vihar. It attracts most visitors visiting there to watch the history & culture of Gorakhpur.

Nauka Vihar Light and Sound Show Timing: 6:30 PM to 7:00PM

Fee Charge: Free

4. Evening Fountain

The colorful fountain at Nauka Vihar is one of the major attractions for arrivals here.

5. Fooding & Shopping

For fooding and shopping at Nauka Vihar, you can fully enjoy various dishes in fooding like Maze Bhoota, Lassi, and other fast foods like chowmin, burger, dahi bada, etc. To shop, you will get a variety of toys for children and other necessary articles for women.

Nauka Vihar Map Location

Some other Places to Explore Nearby Nauka Vihar

There are nearby places to visit after Nauka Vihar: –

  1. Gorakhnath Temple
  2. Geeta Vatika
  3. Kali Temple Golghar
  4. Vishnu Mandir
  5. Nauka Vihar
  6. Raj Ghat
  7. V Park
  8. Surajkund
  9. Vinod Van
  10. Gorakhpur Zoo
  11. Taramandal
  12. Jio Park
  13. Pant Park
  14. Lal Diggi Park
  15. Ambedkar Park
  16. Budhiya Mai Temple

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