Surajkund Dham – A Lake in Gorakhpur

Surajkund Lake Gorakhpur is also famous as Surajkund Dham or Surajkund Sarovar (Pond, Pokhara, or Tal). Dedicated to Lord Sun (Suryadev) and Rama, this historical pond offers a good venue to get relax and meditate. The glory of Gorakhpur’s Surajkund Dham is unique.

According to legend, Lord Rama once took a state tour. He sat down here, exhausted. Then, he took a swim in this lake, and the following day, he awoke and prayed to God Sun. Lord Shri Ram had given Suryadev a lamp (Deepdan) when he (Suryadev) first appeared.

Surajkund is referenced in Valmiki’s Ramayana and some other religious books.

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